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Tailor-made IoT services
Telcos, Enterprises & Service Providers

Apiro Data is a modular solution-based IoT platform and services company with deep knowledge and experience in developing,  launching, optimising and accelerating IoT-connected products.  


Turn your IoT data into actionable insights

Our Services

We are committed to helping our customers succeed.

Apiro Data provides tailor-made IoT services to Telcos, Enterprises and Service Providers. We help our customers answer their IoT-related questions, and help companies implement their digital services efficiently and cost-effectively.





Deploy, collect, process & visualise data from your connected devices.

Infinity Core Platform

Enable your IoT Journey with a Modular IoT Platform


A Smart way to deploy and manage your smart devices:

  • Manage & track your smart devices

  • Usage and historical data

  • Geolocation

  • Smart alerts

  • Dashboards & reports

Modular & Vendor Agnostic

  • IoT Asset Management Platform

  • Vendor Agnostic Connectivity Hub

  • Off-Grid Solar Management Platform

Why Work with Us

Apiro Data makes the complicated simple with easy to implement solutions & services.