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Who We Are

Committed to Excellence

Apiro Data is a technology and services company with deep knowledge and experience in launching, optimising, accelerating and developing Digital Transformation and IoT solutions and strategies.

We provide tailor-made IoT services to Telcos, Enterprises and Service providers that build automation for the Internet of Things based on real tech and practical experience.

Apiro Data connects people, places and things through modular and configurable solutions and a team-up approach to development.

At Apiro Data, we understand that transformation in the digital age is not always easy. Opportunities such as operational efficiencies, cost-saving, and innovation, come peppered with similar challenges, including limited knowledge base, upfront capital, and business process integration.  

Our role is to help companies, large and small, to win with IoT.  We do that through our partner ecosystem and our End2End IoT platform Infinity Core, which enables deployment, data collection, processing, and visualisation to manage and monitor connected smart devices. 


Our Vision is to enable Technology engagement on any channel at any time by any vendor.

Nassia Skoulikariti, Founder/CEO, Apiro Data


Our Story

Apiro Data was founded in 2018 in London by Nassia Skoulikariti, our CEO & Founder, with the help of a highly experienced technical team.

With more than 27years of industry experience in Telecoms, Cloud Communications, and IoT, helping global organisations develop and grow,  our CEO's quest is to find ways to humanise technology and make it easy to implement and manage.  We work on a joint application team-up approach with our customers to understand and deliver what they need and offer excellent service in the process.


Our Mission

To aid companies of all sizes to realise their connected device plans through:

  • Innovation

  • Operational efficiency 

  • Technology-driven solutions


Our Vision

"People first" is at the core of our DNA.


Through innovation, integrity, and strategic partnerships, we aim to make IoT easy and accessible for companies and organisations to implement, scale and monetise.

Nassia Skoulikariti


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