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Data the New King on the Hill

Updated: Oct 12, 2023

Matrix red and blue pill and a man
If you had the choice which pill would your chose?

Our world is digitising at an accelerated rate, challenging and disrupting everything from the way we run businesses to the way we use technology to enhance and connect our homes, towns and cities. In the digital economy, data is the new currency and those who manage and control the data will be the "bank" of the future.

IoT is the catalyst in many ways behind digital transformation. Machines talking to machines, machines talking to humans and humans talking to machine. All the information and data gathered by this constant dialogue is dissected and analysed by AI at a faster rate than a human is capable. The captured data is shaping and improving the urban terrane, heralding a new era on smart urban planning and management. It is optimising manufacturing and making production of goods faster and cheaper. Enables farmers to produce the most efficient crops and provides an added layer of prevention to healthcare. Data is making our world easier, more efficient and opens endless possibilities for further applications.

This shift towards automation and digitalisation, isn't free of challenges. A lot is being said about how secure the systems are. What technology is needed to ensure that sensors and other smart devises are not being hacked. Security coupled with what happens to the data the technology generates, is more critical. Who owns the data and how the data is appropriated is a major concern. Are we capable of allowing technology to enhance our lives without losing the battle to the machines and creating our very own Matrix?

Optimising the future or ripping the vail away?

In the movie The Matrix in 1999, Neo is offered by Morpheus the choice between between a Blue pill and a Red pill. If he choses the blue pill he continues to live in a dystopian, computer generated world. If he takes the red pill he will learn the "truth" and escape from the Matrix.

Which pill wouldn't you choose?

At Apiro Data, we understand that transformation in the digital age is not always easy. Opportunities come peppered with equivalent challenges.

Contacts us to learn more about how we can facilitate your digital transformation journey


Founder/CEO Apiro Data

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