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Knowing where your high-value assets are is becoming increasingly important.

How companies Use IoT today :

  • Asset inventory

  • Location management

  • Anti-theft protection

  • Optimisation of asset usage

  • Smart warehousing

  • Building management

  • Prevention of Insurance fraud

Benefits of Asset Tracking:

  • Asset Register, Trace & Monitor

  • Realtime User Interface, GIS Mapping

  • Accountability, all assets are checked in or out with proper documentation

  • Traceability & Historical Data

  • Stock Optimisation

  • Operation & Service Improvements

  • Reporting & Statistical Analysis



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The higher demand for non fossil energy sources is driving IoT adoption within the Utility sector.  IoT is helping the utility industry optimise management and create efficiency and accuracy.

How Utility Companies use IoT:

  • Monitor power consumption

  • Visualise data in real time

  • Eliminate onsite metering

  • Optimise electricity consumption

  • Manage resources efficiently with all the collected data

  • Offer on demand and pay per use utility models

Benefits of using IoT in the Utility sector:

  • Increase reliability & availability

  • Optimise & Maximise production

  • Increase availability

  • Reduce costs

  • Protest the environment


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Every year, millions of dollars are lost in healthcare due to wasted resources, from medicines to equipment and patient management. 

 Technology helps the Healthcare sector recover some of the losses, and IoT is at the forefront of that initiative.

How IoT is used in the Healthcare Industry:

  • Patient & Staff tracking

  • Inventory tracking & authentication

  • Equipment tracking

  • Security - Access Control

  • Remote healthcare


Benefits of Using IoT in Healthcare:

  • Streamlined processes

  • Reduced errors and waste

  • Increased accountability

  • Better patient experience

  • Better outpatient experience 



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McKinsey estimates the potential economic impact of IoT in retail to range from $410 billion to $1.2 trillion per year by 2025.  

Retailers are using IoT today for:

  • Automated Checkout 

  • Smart Shelves

  • Store layout optimisation

  • Robot employees 

  • Supply chain optimisation


Benefits from using IoT in retail:

  • Personalised communications based on the IoT collected data

  • Personalised discounts

  • Optimised product usage

  • In store and shipment wait time enhancement

  • Improved customer service & engagement

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