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Together with our partner ecosystem, we have architected End2End IoT solutions to aid enterprises looking for simplified IoT adoption to create Operational Efficiencies, Cut Costs and Improve Customer Experience.

Infinity Asset

Infinity Secure

Infinity Connect

Infinity Services

Infinity Asset

Asset Inventory & Location Management 

Locate and track your critical assets and devices. Keep an accurate history and location log.


  • Asset Register, Trace & Monitor

  • Check-In and Check-Out

  • Realtime User Interface, GIS Mapping

  • Accountability, all assets are checked in or out with proper documentation

  • Traceability & Historical Data

  • Stock Optimisation

  • Operation & Service Improvements

  • Reporting & Statistical Analysis


  • Always know the location of your critical assets

  • Stock Optimisation

  • Operation & Service Improvements

  • Limit loss and theft

If shipping, receiving & knowing where your high-value assets are, is vital to you, Infinity Asset can help you! 

Infinity Asset

Infinity Secure

Product integrity & Authenticity - IT & High Value Asset Management

Effectively manage your company's ecosystem of IT & high-value assets, and protect your brand & products with multi-application NFC tamper tags and RFID tags. 

Infinity Secure uses NFC, RFID & GSM technology to protect your customers, revenue, and reputation from counterfeiting, overruns, grey markets, theft, tampering, and warranty fraud. 

Brand Protection

  • Product authentication

  • Tamper evidence

  • Channel authentication 

  • Product traceability

  • Tag Geo-Location


End to End Data Security

  • Assurance of data origin

  • Authorised access to data

  • Secure data transmission

  • Temper resistant sensors


Real-Time Data

  • Collect real-time data

  • Understand buyer behaviour

  • Measure marketing performance

  • Evaluate product lines

  • Target your audience effectively

Infinity Secure

Infinity Connect

Organisations today are looking for flexibility and options when it comes to IoT connectivity.

The Apiro Data Connectivity Hub, Infinity Connect, allows you to integrate, interact, and manage with all your connectivity vendors SIMs from one location.  Run relevant reports and action alerts.

We offer:

  • SIM Management

  • Advanced Security

  • Roaming management

  • Dynamic Alerts

  • Pay as you go & Pool meeting


Vendor Agnostic Connectivity HUB

Infinity Connect
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