World Class IoT Platform

Stream data from millions of devices 


Smarter Devices

With proprietary chip and sensor technology


Complexities with integration 

Knowledge Base

Upfront Capital and expected Outgoing  costs

Business process integration

How we can help

We have over 23 years of managing and growing global organisations 

Technology-driven IoT solutions

Concept to Value life cycle IoT project support

We make your IoT business case valid and help you connect, deploy, and monetise quickly.

We provide the knowhow to help implement your connected services efficiently and cost effectively

We enable IoT the easy way


Identify bottlenecks and optimise processes using data gathered from your products, services and business 

Increase Customer Satisfaction

Understand what your customers want and what they use and give them more of that.

Cut Costs

Reduce risk, time and costs by harvesting real time data and information from your products and customers to drive decisions

Increase Customer Engagement 

Data will give you the information you need to provide your customers with more value and increase their engagement.

Create New Services

Identify what works and what doesn't with your current products and services using real time data to help improve services and create new ones.

Drive Actionable Insights

Harvest data from every area of your organisation to help understand and make decisions.

Smart Devices & Sensors
IoT Platform

Improve Product & Customer Experience 

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  • Product usage analytics

  • Personalised products & offerings 

  • Improved product development

Drive Internal Efficiencies

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  • Predictive maintenance

  • Real-time monitoring 

  • Operational optimization 

  • Reduced down-times

New Services & Business Models

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  • Usage based business models

  • Remote monitoring

  • New service offerings, such as  on command connectivity

Modular, solution-based IoT platform.

Leverage your IoT data to make smart decisions.

Our IoT platform does not require you to start from scratch. It provides you with a one-stop solution for connectivity, data collection, processing, and visualisation. Designed around the needs of unique industries, our platform enables you to work towards smarter operations and better decision-making with real-time insights.

Building your own IoT solution can be expensive and time consuming.

Our IoT platform allows you to focus on your business goals instead of the technology.

Whether we are connecting millions of sensors or consolidating data from millions of events, our scalable and secure IoT platform is built for businesses to seamlessly collect, store, merge and analyse critical data in real-time.