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IoT Made Easy

A clear strategy for using connected services, products, and devices in your organisation's roadmap should be a top priority.

We provide Tailor-made IoT services for Telcos, Enterprises & Service Providers.  Choose from Technical, Operational, Commercial and Strategy support.

We help our clients to design, deploy and optimise the best IoT solutions for their unique business objectives.

Let's help you effortlessly create, deploy and manage IoT products

Our Services


Ecosystem & Channel Development

Sales Support & Enablement

Connectivity Optimisation & Negotiation



Business Processes

Organisational Structure

Project Support

Best Practices

Product Launch


Technology Best Practices

End2End Product Life-Cycle 

Vendor Support

Solution Architecture


IoT Business  Strategy


New Product Launch

New Market Entry

Business Coaching


Our Vision is to enable IoT engagement on any channel at any time by any vendor.

Nassia Skoulikariti, Founder/CEO, Apiro Data

Access to Apiro Data's IoT Development Team

We design and provide ready-to-go IoT solutions for our customers and can assist you in getting your solution up and running quickly and efficiently. Our team is experienced in developing, planning and supporting a variety of products, services and applications.

We offer bespoke solutions and consultancy to help us understand your project requirements, design, develop and implement a solution from start to finish.

Upskill your Sales & Product Teams

We work together with our customers to help them accelerate their digital transformation with easy-to-comprehend modular training models that allow them to learn and grow at their pace and minimise their investment risk.

On-Premise or remote.

Establish a complete IoT ecosystem


We provide consulting, business process analysis and IoT strategy development to help clients understand the complexities of IoT, lay down the strategic foundation and build the best IoT business model. This helps clients build an effective IoT strategy and a holistic IoT ecosystem required to deliver successful IoT services.


"Nassia is a true IoT professional and visionary, with a dedicated skilful team behind her, she has produced a significant product set capable of monitoring disparate edge devices. Nassia and her team continually reassess their offerings in an IoT world that is totally dynamic.
The move into “predictive” IoT for Nassia is a gamechanger for the Apiro Data business and its clients".

-P. Johnson/CEO MConnected/Executive Chair Armatus Oceanic Ltd.

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